The Design of a Logo – its role in branding and identity — and in sentiments!


It was the year 1992.

The 34 year old Mechanical Engineer, an entrepreneur just starting his own design consultancy firm after remaining employed in industry for 12 long years, goes to meet Mr Ganesh, an old acquaintance who was his former, senior colleague. They had worked in the same firm almost 10 years before. While the Engineer switched his job, Mr Ganesh continued to remain in his original firm as a Deputy General Manager. Mr Ganesh was all along known in his company for his sharp intellect and uncommon brilliance. Over the years, they would occasionally bump at each other and exchange pleasantries.

He welcomed the Engineer very warmly and congratulated him for taking a very bold initiative of becoming an entrepreneur and asked details about his planned business.

When the Engineer proffered his newly printed business card, Mr Ganesh Glanced at it.

“‘Productive Solutions’ he read aloud. “Very apt name for your firm, I say! By the way, who designed this logo for you?” He asked, taking the business card a shade closer to his eye, to examine it in detail.

The Original logo and company name (1992).   Notice the question ("?") in the 'P' , answer in the form of  "!"  in the 'S' and the lamp (throwing light) in the logo.
The Original logo and company name (1992). Notice the question (“?”) in the ‘P’ , answer in the form of “!” in the ‘S’ and the lamp (throwing light) in the logo.

“I did it” said the Engineer.

“Ah! That’s brilliant! There is a question there, you are giving an answer to it and you are throwing light! The logo says it all! Fantastic!”

The Engineer felt over-awed by Mr Ganesh’s instantaneous analysis! He had been distributing his business cards to other acquaintances and new contacts in the past couple of days, but this was the first time anyone was looking deeper into his card and grasping the spirit behind the logo!

Whatever time and effort he had spent in creating his logo seemed to have attained fruition at that instant when Mr Ganesh expounded the very meaning and concept of the logo as though he had read the mind of the Engineer! The Engineer could not get any business leads from his meeting with Mr Ganesh, but the word of appreciation he got from the maverick Mr Ganesh was more than worth a business for the creative designer in him!

The Engineer continued to run his machine-design consultancy firm Productive Solutions for the next twenty years. By a clear-cut and predetermined choice, he ran his business as a simple one-man show, with no grand expansion plans, futuristic vision to meet grand goals and targets. He offered solutions to the customer’s problems where he was confident of giving them. Where he was not sure, he never ventured into it. He carried on his business with frankness, straightforwardness, honesty and sincerity.

His business sailed like a boat on a non-turbulent sea, gradually and nominally picking up speed by favorably using the winds of sea. With no major hiccups, windfalls or calamities, Productive Solutions served its limited number of loyal customers to their satisfaction; when the going was really up-beat, the Engineer opted to close the business and take his life through a new course in quest of spiritual wisdom, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Productive Solutions came into existence without any fanfare in 1992 and it went away without noise or regrets in 2011. None to sing the glory on arrival and none to write a verse of melancholy on departure! It was like an insignificant meteor that shot across the sky for a few seconds trying meekly to light up the sky — one among thousands that shoot across the global nights and going unnoticed!

Two years passed.

It was the year 2013.

The Engineer’s two children — the daughter and the son, well educated, qualified and experienced in their own ways decide one fine morning to start their own consultancy firm covering areas like brand management, web marketing and innovative educational services. And they were discussing on an apt name for their firm to be backed by an impressive logo. Various alternative names were being brainstormed by them.

“How about Productive Solutions?” asked the son.

The daughter looked at him with mouth wide open! “I was afraid of mentioning it to you; I thought you won’t like it!”

“Why shouldn’t I?”

“Well! You don’t see eye to eye with papa on many things, you know!”

“That’s generation gap and it exists in every household. It doesn’t mean that I will reject something that is essentially good and most apt for our business too!”

“How about the logo?”

Productive Solutions in its new avatar - Branding and Communication specialists.
Productive Solutions in its new avatar (2013) – Branding and Communication specialists.

“Productive Solutions is synonymous with it logo! The logo perfectly represents the brand and it stands for the identity of the business; perhaps just for my curiosity sake, I will tinker with it a little bit here and a little bit there; that’s all!”

The slightly modified logo and text font of (new) Productive Solutions
The slightly modified logo and text font of (new) Productive Solutions

The children call up their father and convey their decision.

The father feels elated. His own son, who mostly rejects his ideas and opinions as outdated, shows desire to use his now-non-existent firm’s name and logo! And he is a competent logo designer himself!

The father feels transported back by 22 years to the instant when Mr G showered accolades on his logo. A broad grin lights up his face. Oh! Logos carry a sentimental value too!

P.S: Should I mention that the Engineer was none other than me?



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